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darrenhutchison.com logoDarren Hutchison is a Web Designer. He hasn’t always been a Web Designer and he isn’t just that. In fact Darren wears many hats, including husband and father, which are more important than any of the other roles he may play in this life.

Darren Hutchison works Full time as a Geomatics Technologist, working primarily with AutoCAD for Halma Thompson Land Surveys Ltd. It’s a great gig and he loves the work there.

Since 2006 Darren has also been a Web Developer, running a number of successful sites for his own and other companies across Alberta and BC in a variety of markets including Home Builders, Farms, Respiratory Care, Coaches, Therapists, Healers, Special Events, Wedding and a Land Survey Company (to name a few). He has the ability to Host Web Sites and email services along with Building New Web sites and Refreshing Sites that need an update.

One of the very cool things about building a web site, is that it doesn’t have to be static. It can change as your company and your interests grow. If you are growing, your website should be growing with you. And that’s what is going to make this website different from the many web web developers out there that give you “Rah, Rah stories” about how they can build your site…and they are the best…blah.blah.blah!

Web development is constantly changing. New tools, better software, automation. A website can be built right and be equipped to grow with you and give the user (reader/client) a more personal experience of working with you. Darren’s goal is to give you the client a glimpse of the Stuff he’s about and how it can all be used to market a message on the web.

Is it a better website, or an art project? Who knows, but Darren Hutchison can make your web presence effective.

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Having a job, a web design business and a unique perspective of life puts me in the line of a number of interesting things that may or may not be related to business, but I still find interesting.

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Darren Hutchison

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Darren Hutchison is a Web Designer, with a background in business, marketing and sales. He specializes in user friendly web design and marketing systems creation, so your clients can find what they need and you as a business can keep them up to date. Darren helps you create a web design that can grow with your business and that's easy for you to maintain.
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