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Life is fascinating, with so many interesting things to see, read or experience. Included on these pages are a number of things that, in my opinion, are interesting and have something significant to offer a reader.

We kick off our Interesting Stuff with:

@bible intro

Chris Juby put together an incredible overview of the Bible using a Twitter format that take only 140 characters to describe each chapter of the Bible. A huge undertaking and an incredible challenge to sift through that much information, then put it in to such a simple format. He also includes a number of other summaries, book overviews, key passages and a Take Away from each book. For a simple read it packs a pretty hefty kick and gives a competent overview of many years of Christian history.  It took him over 3 years to compile and you can access the whole thing online for free at:

or you can order the book like I did.

Even if you’re not a Christian or a scholar, it’s a great summary of a historic book that’s much less intimidating than the real thing. Of course it’s no substitute for actual scripture reading, but a great introductory tool to a complete work. Definitely worth a look.

Thanks Chris

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