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Have the words Web Design become a looming task?

Let’s take the mystery out of web design and get your business online fast. I create fast, professional Web Sites for small and medium sized businesses, that are simple to use, edit and manage. Built with the WordPress content management system and filled with a variety of customizable features that will improve your online presence and help your business stand out. Your site will be fully integratable with Social Media and built with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles, which make it easy for your services and site to be found in Google, other search engines, and ultimately your clients.

Websites Built Fast

With content, graphics and a basic web design layout provided; we can create a full website that is functional in days and complete within 2-4 weeks. Of course this all depends on the complexity of the site, but for a basic 3-8 page site, completion should be about 1-2 weeks. Web design for your business doesn’t have to be a slow process.

WordPress Sites by Darren Hutchison

WordPress is a content management system that is user friendy, easy to manage, edit, and can totally expand in function. It can be built simple and can also dynamically be adapted as your business grows and changes. Additional functions can be added to integrate Social Media, improve search and tracking and add many other functions if needed. Using WordPress also means that you don’t have to run to the Web Designer every time you need to make a simple adjustment. The WP platform is easy to use and I include a number of training videos for you to learn how to use many of the basic functions. WordPress is one of the key components for successful web design for small business.

Your Site Will Be Fully Customizable

Your site is fully customizable. Everything from headers, background and site colours, content placement, page navigation, sliders, images, and video placement can all be adapted to what you need and will be built in a way that’s easily accessible for your clients. Even the layout from page to page can be changed. You really don’t have to have a cookie cutter website anymore. Don’t Wait Any Longer…Let’s bring your business online.

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Darren Hutchison

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Darren Hutchison is a Web Designer, with a background in business, marketing and sales. He specializes in user friendly web design and marketing systems creation, so your clients can find what they need and you as a business can keep them up to date. Darren helps you create a web design that can grow with your business and that's easy for you to maintain.
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