rebuilding-with-web-design-marketingWeb Design Marketing and Writing?

I guess it’s not really a title, but a statement of direction.

It’s a broad spectrum of topics, but they are where I always seem to return to. Of course this is a rough blurb, simply put out there to let whoever is interested know that web design marketing and writing are major directions that tugs at my heart.

As I grow in my life’s journey, I’m realizing that many things are linked, though they may appear separated. I’m a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. I’m also a grandson, an uncle, a cousin and a friend. I’m a writer, a marketer and a man who’s on a spiritual journey. In many areas of my life, I’m a raging success. In other areas of my life, I’m a floundering failure. Life is truly a journey and I’m on it; success or failure, because we learn from it all.

I have been mentored by many and I’ve been the teacher; but in life we are always the student, because the lessons never stop. I’m learning that I’m complex and simple at the same time, as many of us are. I have places in my life where I have incredible discipline, where no one, or no circumstance can knock me off track. I also have areas and ambitions in my life where just about anything can distract me from┬áthe task at hand. I’m hot and cold, passionate and heartless all jumbled up into one. I struggle daily, yet I love who I am, and who I’m becoming. The struggles of life may knock heavy at my door, but I know that I’m on a path that is guided by God and is taking me to a destiny that is only for me.

So what does that have to do with web design marketing and writing. I’ve found for me, they all flow together. I write every day. I’m a communicator. It’s one of my gifts that I’m exceptional at. I can string words together and clarify what I need to say in very few words. My background in Radio helped that. So to me writing led to marketing. Clarifying what I wanted to communicate to my clients, which in turn led to web design.

Web design is a key platform for a business, or a person to communicate their message to their world, in a unique, personal and consistent manner. It can be done without a huge expenditure of money, but requires a commitment of time and consistency.

My goal with this website is to help people in all stages of communication.

  • If you love to write, you’ll find tips on writing and effective communication.
  • If you need help with marketing and business development in your small or medium sized business, you’ll find them.
  • If you need a website built, I can help you build it for a reasonable cost.
  • If you need to have your existing website updated, or have features added, I can help you there as well
  • If you are looking for tools and resources to make your own site better, they will be here to.

Like you, I’m growing and discovering as a go along. We take action, make mistakes, learn from them and grow. I hope we can journey together and help each other communicate what’s needed to be heard to reach our destiny.

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Darren Hutchison is a Web Designer, with a background in business, marketing and sales. He specializes in user friendly web design and marketing systems creation, so your clients can find what they need and you as a business can keep them up to date. Darren helps you create a web design that can grow with your business and that's easy for you to maintain.
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